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Pointe Shoes Now Available

The main goal for any dedicated ballet dancer is to dance en pointe. As a dancewear store for dancers of all styles, we want to be sure we are meeting the needs of all of our dancers. That’s why we’re excited to begin selling and fitting for pointe shoes. With certified pointe shoe fitters who have pointe experience themselves, and a variety of Bloch and Capezio pointe shoes (and soon to be expanding to more brands), we’re sure to become your pointe shoe location of choice in the Dayton area.

Are you looking for pointe shoes? As our fitters have limited schedules, please be sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time through this link or use the form below. We require a $25 deposit for the fitting appointment, however this will be applied towards your purchase.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 937-280-4966!