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Getting the Perfect Pirouette

Getting the perfect pirouette down is something all dancers strive to do. And once you have the perfect single, you’ll be able to master doubles & triples. Below are 5 tips that will help you get the perfect pirouette.

  1. Calculate! Focus on your placement. Spotting is necessary and can throw off your turn if done incorrectly. Before you start to turn, focus on where your spot will be. Make sure this is eye-level and easy for your eyes to return to. Your spot defines your turn, spotting too slowly or quickly will disrupt your momentum.
  2. Listen to your body. Core strength is critical! Having the strength to keep your body is the proper positions are what keep you from falling over.
  3. Find your balance. Analyze your pirouette from a physics perspective and what forces are necessary to maintain your balance. To stay on one leg, think about opposing energies, like a bow and arrow. One needs to feel the energy pushing down into a strong supporting leg while lifting the passé foot. Think of yourself growing taller to avoid sitting in your hip.
  4. Be bold. Turns do not require a lot of force! You do not want to wind your body to get around. But at the same time, do not approach the turn timidly. Get to your full passé as quickly as possible to help you get through the turn.
  5. Practice your timing. Every part of your body should work in tandem. Your butt, toes, knees and relevé are all working simultaneously.